onan 5000 no power

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by rewists, May 25, 2008.

  1. rewists

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    My generator starts and runs fine but does not produce power. i tested with volt meter at the electrical box at the generator but no juice . Any Help would be most appreciated
  2. LUeno

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    Re: onan 5000 no power

    I had a similar problem with my previous coaches Generac generator. What I found to be the problem with my generator was the brushes. I my situation one of the brushes was held in the open position (Up) by the bracket that held the 2 brushes. The brushes cost me about $15.00 plus $80.00 labor to fix..

    Before finding this problem I was told so many things, I am too embarrassed to tell you my story and how much it cost me before I met a service tech who was servicing one of the Gensets at the construction site I am presently securing. He figured out the problem within a half hour.

    I hope this helps, if there isn't any power coming from the generator check the simple areas such as the breakers at the genertor first.
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    Re: onan 5000 no power

    Well, Lance, you're one of us now! Learnin' the hard way! (expensive way, anyway.) :clown:

    Welcome to the forum to both of you!

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