Onan Genset will not start

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by ufratabill, May 14, 2006.

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    I have a 5.5 HGJAB Onan Genset with a starting problem. I have not used the set for any extended time since I bought the HR class A. However I have been exercising it until last fall. It refused to start, and since it was getting cold, I let it go until now. Guess what. It still will not start. After pulling off a spark plug lead to make sure the mag was still going, I pulled the gas line to the carb. Got plenty of fuel from the pump. Still no start. Gave it a very light whiff of starter fluid and it ran until the fumes were gone. I am going to dismantle the carb with the idea of removing the probable gunk that formed from sitting.
    Any thoughts before I tear in to the carb. (I did drain the carb bowl to make sure no water).
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    Onan Genset will not start

    the carb has small passages that you can never realy clean the gunk out of you might get it to run ok for a while but it will give you trouble most likely on a trip when you need it if your going to remove the carb to clean it just replace it and save yourself a head ache in the future you can have a carb shipped to your house from any onan dealer or order it from www.funroads.com or any other site that sells onan parts

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    Onan Genset will not start

    You need to run these things monthly for about 3 hours or longer to keep the lines, carb, etc., clean and open. If you don't, they will gum up and cause problems like you are experiencing.
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    Onan Genset will not start

    Dirty carburetors are the most common problem with gensets because they don't get run enough. Onan recommends that you run it under at least 1/2 load for a minimum of 1 hour each month. It is to keep clean fuel in the system, prevent the evaporation of the fuel in the carb and to warm the generator to be sure it has not moisture in it.

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