onboard onan vs honda/yam inverter gen

Discussion in 'Towables' started by rogerkates, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Just would like to here some input from you folks . I have a Grand Junction 5th wheel onboard generator prept with remote switch installed from factory (50 amp supply needed). My questions are (1) I am concerned about noise and vibration from the onboard genset considering it is located right beneath the bedroom (2) Carbon monoxide poison (3) Lugging around the additional wieght 300 to 400lbs when you are not going to need it.
    What I am considering is puchasing one of the new Honda EU6500is w/wireless remote or one of the Yamaha EF6300isd w/wireless remote . What are the pros and cons? For me the pros are the versitilty of not lugging it around when it is not needed. I go on alot of trips for say two days where there is no hookups, but i also go on alot of jobs where I know I am going to be in a RV park for weeks 800 miles from home . I also will be able to use a portable for other uses. So what are the cons.
    Comparing the specs it appears I can get the same amount of power from the Honda/Yamaha (with inverter technology) as from a Onan 6500 Gold at a lesser cost.
    Last Question is can I wire a 50 amp cord to where the onboard should be wired in? It is factory prept and the wires and circuit resets are there already. My main power comes from the very back of RV, it would be nice to just pull it out of front since I would have generator in back of truck.

    I welcome any advice hope this was not to confusing. Thanks

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