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  1. Jodel

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    We just purchased out first fifth wheel, a 2006 Springdale 249FWBHS and now I am concerned our vehicle won't be able to tow it. We have a 1995 Ford F150 4x4 EXT cab with at 5.8 l engine. My hubby thinks it will be no problem as did the salesman but i would feel better if an experienced RV 'er could put my mind at ease...thanks!
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: OOPS!

    Welcome to the fourm.

    We would need to know what your trailer weighs and in the trucks owners manual, you can find what the truck is rated to tow. My guess is that it is close.
  3. C Nash

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    Re: OOPS!

    Find the weights of the 5th wheel which should be on a sticker inside the one of the cabinet doors and let us know. Welcome to the forum :)
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    Re: OOPS!

    Jodel, this is how men get new trucks! Buy the RV first; then the truck to pull it! :clown:
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    RE: OOPS!

    That's how we got our truck! Actually weightwise our other truck would pull it but...not on long hauls. It was either stick close to home always or new truck. Of course we got the new truck and now because of gas prices we stick close to home! Go figure!
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    That how I talked the DW into a MH, we had a 2500HD chevy and a 29' TT. Well she want to go to AZ. I refuse to pull the TT that for ,so she opt for a 5er. Then I explain she could not fix meals or go to the bath roon in the 5er or TT. That how we ended up with the MH :laugh: :laugh:
  7. Jodel

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    RE: OOPS!

    Thanks so much for so many people responding. I am so glad I found this site and thanks for the welcome. The trailer weighs 6200 dry and 7800 loaded but i cannot see us loading 1600 pounds of stuff on it. Our truck is roughly 6400 pounds. It is flat where we are (southern alberta) and we don't plan on going too far from home, just weekend getaways. I had to laugh because my husband already has 3 trucks and he thought this was the perfect excuse for #4!! We would just like a couple of years with this trailer and truck and then maybe buy bigger units if we are able to get away and use them enough. Also is a double pivot hitch that much better than a single pivot other than the $500 difference in price? Thanks everybody!!!! :)
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    Re: OOPS!

    The 1/2 ton pickup probably has a towing capacity of around 6500 pounds (4x4 and extended cab are heavy options). But check your manual or other source to find out for sure. Just be aware that the towing capacity is for no accessories, no cargo, no passangers. Just a 150 pound driver and a bit of fuel. You need to subtract the weight of anything else in the truck from the towing capacity. Plus, that towing capacity is for a loaded flat bed trailer with 'no' wind resistance.

    So, generally it is best to not tow much more than 5000 pounds with a 1/2 ton vehicle (some of the very newest models seem to have more capacity). Plus, a fifth wheel puts a lot of weight right over the rear axel, and many fifth wheels will cause a 1/2 ton truck to exceed its maximum rear axel weight. Generally you can pull more travel trailer with a 1/2 ton vehicle than you can fifth wheel, because the travel trailer design tends to transfer less weight to the tow vehicle.

    Any way, the dry (empty) weight of the trailer will probably be a bit much for your truck, and you will want to carry at least some water, some food, some clothes. cords and hoses to hook up with, toys to pass the time with, some tools to fix basic things which go wrong, cleaning supplys, leveling supplies, etc. I would say that it is likely that you will sometimes be at 7000 pounds or even more when traveling, and that is really more than that truck is likely to be able to handle.

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