Opinions on 2004 Keystone

Discussion in 'Towables' started by JustCamping, Apr 25, 2010.

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    Hello, new to this forum and looking for some advice. I currently own a 1998 Travel Supreme that I've been very pleased with for the half dozen years that I've owned it, however, I'm looking to upgrade, feeling the older my current unit gets the harder it will be to sell on my own. I'm looking at a couple options and don't know how to proceed.

    Option A is another Travel Supreme--2003, which is a bit longer and has an additional slide, but am wondering if TS being out of business should be taken into consideration? Aside from being happy w/ my current unit, it was purchased on an auction and I got a steal of a deal, but never did much research before purchasing so I'm not really aware of any special features/selling points that the TS's has/had.

    Option B is a 2004 Keystone which I also like very much, but again, am not really familiar with them or their reputation. This unit is a bit pricier, but has an additional slide in the main cabin and a few other perks that the TS doesn't.

    Option C --Keep looking and if so, what are some the of the best units on the 2nd hand market these days?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    RE: Opinions on 2004 Keystone

    Adding to the above.....

    Add Option D which is a 2003 New Vision. Again a model I know very little about or whether it's worth considering.
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    Re: Opinions on 2004 Keystone

    My thanks to Cindy for quick action on a scammer that was here.
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    RE: Opinions on 2004 Keystone

    Just Camping:
    I am on my 3rd 5th wheel and the last 2 have been Keystones. Overall I am extremely pleased with both of them. My first was a 27" 04 Springer. I never had any trouble with it except for what I did to it. It had one large living room/kitchen slide and it pulled great. The one I have now is also an 04 Keystone. This one is a 30" Challenger which is up in quality a couple of steps from the Springer. We traded in the Springer because this one also has a bedroom slide. It is also quite a bit heavier than our other one. What little we have gotten to use it we realy enjoy it. Being new, I would say that whichever RV you choose, don't get more of an RV than your tow vehicle can comfortably pull. Good Luck and happy RVing

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