Our "NEW" Home - 42' Overland Lorado Diesel Pusher

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    will keep you in our prayers
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    start by getting a wiring diagram for your vehicle (library, dealership (or on the net?) .It should show you where the sensors are located (I don't know your vehicle,
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    So, surgery went well. Just a few small tears in the labrum and cleaned up and a few bone spurs out of the rotator cuff. Arm was mobile right after surgery and as of today (10/6/11) I have 95% of my motion back. Back to Doc on the 13th.

    My 2-weeks prior to surgery, I had planned to get things done on the rv and then get moved in. Well, I had to work late almost every night on a couple of big projects and only had one Sunday to get anything done. That Sunday I managed to get the 40" flat screen mounted, so I could at least watch tv during my recouperation. Holey angles, hack saw, carraige bolts and threaded rods = wall mounted 40" tv

    The Thursday before surgery, I got out of work at 2:30. Went home and fabricated a hanger for my 22" flat screen to mount it in the bedroom. Some time with a piece of 6" metal stud, a piece of angle iron, a vice and a Mig welder and I had a tv hanger bolted in place. The 22" tv slides into it and it still mounts on the original swinging hanger I built for the old rv.

    Carla came home about 5:00 and we proceeded to unhook and move the old rv and then position and hook up the new rv. Luckily my out-of-the-ordianary sewer connection fit well on the new rv as planned. By 10:30, we had matresses switched out and enough necessities moved in to get us by for at least the weekend if needed.

    Let me tell you, this place is a palace compared to our old rv. The newer layout, the wall mounted switches and the size (slide) are GREAT. I can actually walk around the bed and get in instead of climbing over the end.

    Up early on Friday morning, showered, and to the surgical center by 7:00 am. Surgery at about 8:30, recovery at 9:30 and out the front door by 11:00 am. Out to eat lunch and then headed home. Slept pretty well that night.

    Climbed up on the roof Saturday afternoon and replaced a broken vent lid. Helped Carla move almost all our stuff from the old rv to the new rv Saturday and Sunday the best I could with one arm to use.

    Burned some wood in our outdoor fire pit Saturday night while we ate barbeque ribs from a place down the road and drank a bottle of wine. Went out for dinner while staying home.

    Big-A$$ bandages off Sunday night and a shower. Regular bad-aids back on. Took Monday off, just because I could. Back to work Tuesday.

    All-in-all, not a bad weekend. Lots of time with the wife, naps whenever I wanted, drugs for the pain (although, not a lot of pain), good food and new digs.

    Life is (still) good!


    Pictures attached:
    The fabricated 40" tv mount on the wall
    40" tv mounted on the wall
    The 22" tv mount, base stuck under bench top, before paint
    22" tv mounted - old tv hole above it, Blu-ray player shelves planned
    Just a cool picture (old rv in backround)

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    I think you are eating more than Wheaties for breakfast. :D Good for you. Glad you are doing well. :applause:
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    Steve I just want to know what kind of vitamins he is taking, I know I will go and get me bottle if I find out. Great job. I will be mounting my new flat screen next week when we get home from the M&G here in TN. i will have to make some support bracket in the existing TV hole to bolt the neww TV to. I have the wall hanger for the new TV so hopfully it should be and easy job.
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    Why don't you do this at the M&G. Lord knows you have the help. Sounds like a great job for Rod. Just sit back, drink a bottle/s of Miller and let the group go for it. :p Speaking of group, you all must be having a great time.
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    Fix the headlight aim by going to projectors

    Check ebay for 92-96 ford bronco projector headlights


    I had to do a little trimming to get it to fit correctly, the bus wasn't shaped correctly. View attachment 176


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