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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by myrtle beach bums, May 2, 2010.

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    We have an Outback Sydney Edition 28 FRL-S Model Fifth Wheel and the slideout will not go out. It when out fine when we put it out Friday and today it will not go out to unload. It makes the clicking sound that it does if you hold the button after it's all the way in, but it doesn't engage to go out. We also do have an owners manual with it and do not know where to find the manual crank on the unit. We have searched everywhere, but are obviously looking in the wrong place. We have looked inside and outside the unit and all around the slide out, underside too. If you anyone has any ideas of what could be wrong with the slideout or any suggestions of where we can locate the manual crank, please let us know.
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    Re: Outback Slide Out

    sounds like a sheared pin or something has the slide in a bind. On our HR you have to release the brake on the slideout mtr and the use a open end wrench to move out. Can't be done on ours if you have no help. Your brake may not be releasing. You will have to ck for voltage to determin this. Welcome to the forum. Others will be here to help so ck back
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    RE: Outback Slide Out

    My slide gave the same symptons. Make sure that your rig is VERY level. When engaging the slide switch I would assist the motor by Lightly pushing the slide (in or out) by hand taking the weight off the motor.My hand crank is in the external locker in the centre of the slide behind a cover plate.I found that if the van is not perfectly level the gear would click and struggle to get started. Regards BIG BILKO :) :) :) :) :)

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