Over a year on the road - So far, so good

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by dvfreelancer, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Well, we're actually a month past our one-year anniversary of full-time living. We've learned a lot our first year.

    Sadly we learned early on it's better to keep to ourselves as full timers. There are just too many gossipy old harpies at a lot of parks and we've found it's a better strategy to keep to ourselves. We're not rude to people or anti-social, but if people start getting too much up in our business I politely tell them to butt out. Other full timers tell me that's pretty much the way it is for them, too. It's a fine line.

    Knock on wood we've had zero problems with crime or rowdy neighbors. The only time we ever felt threatened was by a couple from our last park and we knew them. That's what prompted us to leave that park, best move we've made so far.

    Noise hasn't really been a problem. Most parks are pretty good about showing troublemakers the road out and we favor those with gates. The worst problems we've had are the motorcycle people chugging through the park late at night. Can't say I really care for the motorcycles.

    You'll out-grow a 5th wheel pretty fast. We're already shopping for a diesel pusher.

    You'll also want a trailer if you're full timing, a big one. Big enough to hold your car, plus some storage. Dual wheels, electric brakes, a back ramp, boxed and wired for an A/C unit is a plus. If you know anyone looking to sell one, I'm buying.

    Finally found a way to make a living at home as a freelance writer. I make more than I did at my old job.

    It was a little difficult getting my Florida drivers license and tags. When you don't have utilities in your name, it's tricky. Luckily we paid for a separate internet connection to our cable company. So far that's been the only problem. We haven't had trouble getting insurance or other services.

    You'll want a good ladder. One tall enough to get up on the roof. I've got to get up there this weekend and clean, clean, clean.

    It's almost time to get busy with the caulking gun. If anyone can recommend the best outdoor RV caulk made, I'd appreciate it.

    I've learned quite a lot about RV maintenance. Learned how to rebuild a SeaLand toilet, which I've done twice. Plus we had one plugged septic tank. If anyone knows anything you can put on your toilet seals to keep that grim from building up, I'd be forever in your debt.

    Had to replace the inverter once and somehow managed to bend our canopy frame, that was before we even left. Have to replace one of the plastic fenders which cracked and the rear jack motor quit working, probably corrosion in the wiring...again. The kitchen sink leaks and that in spite of a tube of silicone caulk. We finally gave up and use the other side.

    Had a small water leak around one of the slides that I traced the seal not deploying properly. Fixed that and everything is fine. I expect to get our five years out of this unit. All in all, not bad (knock on wood). No worse than a house.

    We learned you want shade, but not trees overhead. Yes, that relates to the cleaning I need to do. And concrete pads are a gift from on high.

    So, what am I going to learn the second year?
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    Re: Over a year on the road - So far, so good

    you are doing good, keep it up, learning is a special gift
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    Re: Over a year on the road - So far, so good

    Sounds like you got a good handle on it, Chris. Congratulations.
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    Re: Over a year on the road - So far, so good

    We have nearly 12 years behind us now and it sounds as though you are making the adjustments, but I do wonder at the problems you have with neighbors so that you must keep to yourselves? What we love most about our experiences have been the people that we have met along the way and the many lifelong friends that we now have all over the continent. We seem to find that most people are wonderful and friendly. True, there are a few crabs, but only just enough to help us to appreciate all of the others.

    We travel in a gas chassis motorhome with no slides and we tow a CR-V. We have the same one today that we began with back in 2000. It has served us very well and we expect that to continue into the future. We find that if you select well and get what fits you and your lifestyle, it should last for a very long time.

    Life on the road can be a wonderful experience and so I wish you as much or more happiness in your next ten years as we have had in ours. The only sad part is the realization that one day we will have to stop traveling and settle down once more as age and infirmity overtake us. Until that time, we plan to push on and seen new and exciting adventures, and to continue to meet new friends along the way, just as we have to the past years.
  5. dvfreelancer

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    Re: Over a year on the road - So far, so good

    >but I do wonder at the problems you have with neighbors so that you must keep to yourselves?

    We have made friends all over the country we stay in contact with on a regular basis. Unfortunately, at the last park we were at there was a core of busy body back-biters who were just vile people. They're just unhappy people and it wasn't limited to just us, they were equal opportunity complainers. Some of that clique were the work camper staff. Plus there were problems between the partner owners. We were friends with both sides, so when they had a rift it was really uncomfortable for us.

    Honestly, the partners who were the on-site managers were the problem. As much as I like and respect them, when it came to that park the problem was dictating the solution.
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    Re: Over a year on the road - So far, so good

    I recommend Dicor 501 LSW for your caulking. Sounds like your first year is not all that bad. I went from Washington to Eastern Montana. When it was time to return I wanted to go the other direction and just keep going but I guess I will have to wait awhile for that. :( Keep us posted. I enjoyed reading your post. :approve:

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