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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by markenpay, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. markenpay

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    I had a BAD experince at Camping World/R&C RV Dealer in Longmont Colorado,I had a refer replaced and the cost was to be$1400 plus $250 installation fee however when they got the refer out they said it would not fit through the door and had to remove the window and this would require 2.5 tech hours@$129 per hour or $322.50. What was I to say since the refer was in the floor. They removed the window and replaced the widow in 45 minutes. When I called them about the high extra charge, the General Manager told me they charge flat rate and not hourly charges so the tech might hurry and finish the job and be able to get on the next job. So I paid for 5.5 hours and the complete job took less than 3 hours. I spoke with five different people at Camping World and at R&C RV, each one told me a different story about the charges until I spoke with a Mr. Blake Beard with R&C and he told me they work on flat rate and the techs are encouraged to get finished with each job as quickly as possible so and I quote" they might make more money and the company make more money also". I called Nuwa and spoke with Terry and the refer would have cost $1100 plus 1 hour installation fee @$90 for the hour. He also stated the refer would fit through the door. So I got taken At Camping World and at R&C RV in Longmont,Colorado. If you do business with either one of these businesses be perpaired to be taken for a ride.
  2. markenpay

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    Still no reply from them.
  3. rjf7g

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    Sorry you had a bad experience there. Have you called corporate?
  4. try2findus

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    Write or email the Good Sam Action Line. They seem to have success where others fail.

    Good Luck!
  5. markenpay

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    Thank you for your comments, I did call the corporate office but they hold rank and say the same thing in different ways. The only positive comment I received was from The CEO of Camping World at (mlemonis.campingworld.com) however his under assistiant, Mr. Rob Anderson, told me he would give me back $200 as a good will gesture however this was over two weeks ago and I have heard nothing about it as of yet.Good Sam in owned by the same company so I feel my comment would fall on deaf ears. But thanks for the idea. My only recourse is the BBB of Denver and let other RVers know what layes in wait for them if they shop at Camping World
  6. markenpay

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    I hope this may help someone make a educated choice on where to have their RV repaired.
  7. akjimny

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    Okay Mark - we got it. Just chalk it up to experience and move on.
  8. markenpay

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    I am moving on with trying to help others which are not as informed as you are. I feel if I'm able to help another RVer not make the mistakes I made I have done my part. If this bothers you, I'm sorry, I would hope you would want to help others also.

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