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    I have lost a few functions on the overhead control panel on the copilot side of the coach. Main battery connect light, all tank level indicators, and main battery voltage check are all inop. This coincides with replacement of my aux (house) batteries. Main battery disconnect switch doesn't work, and all other functions seem normal. Wondered if anyone on the forum may have had a similar experience. 2005 Discovery 39S
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    Re: overhead control panel

    Hello Mike, and welcome to the forum. Yes I have I don't know how your is set up but most of what you are talking about I had the same thing happen to mine back this pasted May. We was in Rapid City SD when the house batt. went bad. I replaced both batteries (from NAPA). I did ULTIMATE SIN, I crossed the cable and shorted everything out. The only thing that worked was the refri. even the heater stopped . The only way to fit it was to replace the main electrical control box under the hood. It came with a wiring harness which had the be rewired to the MH. IT was expensive but my extended warranty paid for it except for my deductible. So good luck to you on your repair and I hope it not what I had to go thru. :laugh: :laugh:
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    Re: overhead control panel

    Look around the replaced batteries area and see if a wire did not get reconnected. Sounds like a hot wire to the panel with no voltage indicator and a light plus the tank sensors.


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