overniting at flying J"S truck stops

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by jetboat, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. jetboat

    jetboat New Member

    need feedback on staying overnite at flying J"s.whats the plus and minus of these places?
  2. JimE

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    RE: overniting at flying J"S truck stops

    only problem is parking between semi's who run the engines all night long and spit the air out of their air brakes which is loud enough to put you on the ceiling. I would opt for WalMart way before Flying J.
  3. Xlgcrplt

    Xlgcrplt New Member

    RE: overniting at flying J"S truck stops

    I can't tell you from a rv'ers side But as a 32 year vet. of Truck Driving, I have never had any problems at any flying J . and when we do hit the road later this year in our RV as full timers that will be what I look for to buy my fuel & if we have to spend the night while traveling. A lot of them have separate parking for the rv's. I have been & will continue to be a loyal customer of the "J"'s. the fuel its top quality and the price of fuel is always the cheapest around. Most of the staff are friendly & helpful. I have gotten fuel for my truck at Pilot, TA & Petro's also only to find my water sep. to be full of water in the next day or so. never have gotten watered down fuel from the "J"'s, Also have never had to put in add. for the winter to keep fuel from Jelling with the J fuel, but have had Pilot fuel Jell to the point it left me stranded on the side of the road. That was costly to me 500.00 + to get towed & "warmed up" inside of a shop not to mention the "down time". but I'm rambling on. The J in my opinon is a good place to rest overnight while inroute. Just 1 more thing , I / we believe in the J so much that our Bank is through them TAB. great credit / debit card (MC) and to get cash at ANY J atm is only $1 up to the daily limit of $400.00.

    AND this is in NO WAY meant to be an add for the J just a loyal customers beliefs.

  4. Kirk

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    Re: overniting at flying J"S truck stops

    The main negative is the noise.

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