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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by gregolson65, Apr 15, 2010.

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    I know this might be a sore subject for some. But I am looking for an owner finance Diesel RV. Is there any good websites that do honest owner financing or how to search for these people? I know some of you might ask to just finance. Well if you knew my situation with my EX-WIFE, you would undestand that my credit is not strong enough to get approved. Just need a little guidance from the professionals...Thanks....
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    Re: Owner Financing

    If no one else would accept you as a borrower, why do you think an RV owner would?

    The folks on here are not "professionals" in finance, but you probably will have a much easier time getting financed by those that are in that business.
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    Re: Owner Financing

    I really doubt that you will find anyone who would be in a position to finance an RV that they are selling unless it is very old and of little value. Most diesel motorhomes sell for at least $100K. You might be able to find one who's owner is "upside down" and owes more than the sale price who would let you somehow take over the payments. In most cases, that would have to be done without the knowledge of the loan company as very few if any are transferable.

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