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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by elzss, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. elzss

    elzss New Member

    Hi, I just purchased 1986 F250 6.9L with Banks system.Can someone let me know where i can get a owner's manual.Also it has two fuel tanks, would like to know what size (gals.)they are.Any help would be appreciated.
    ps: is there any way to hook up a tack on the 6.9???
  2. Gary B

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    owner manual

    Hi elzss, you could try a salvage yard (don't know if you could still get one from Ford) for the owners manual, my 86 had 2 tanks total was around 36 gals. if I remember right the front tank usually held about 17.5 gal & the rear one about 19 gal, yes there was a tach kit a friend of mine put one on his but don't know for sure where he got it, may have been Napa, its a long time ago. Welcome to the forum and good luck with the truck. :) :cool: :approve:

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