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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by andy20, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Hi! My father in law bought a used 2002 signature series fifth wheel camper. He does not have an owners manual. We called thor industries and they just told us to look up dutchmanrvs.com. I haven't found anything yet. I was wondering if someone out there may have a similar model and could maybe send us a copy of their manual or point us in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Owners Manual

    You also may want manuals on all the appliances. The owners manuel does not offer much on them IMO. Contact each and get service manuals from them. Some can be downloaded from the websites.
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    Re: Owners Manual

    I agree that the owner's manuals for the camper itself won't be very helpful...there are a lot of "do this at the that" when you might have no idea where the "that" would even be! I did get a complete owner's manual from Fleetwood and then called them up with specific questions. I actually ended up exchanging a couple of e-mails with a great customer support rep there.

    If he bought the camper from a person, is it possible for him to still deal with that person? If he bought it from a dealer, can he deal with the dealer?

    You will learn a lot more by talking to a person who "knows campers" or asking questions over this forum than you will from a manual!

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