Pace Arrow basenment light fuse

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by mistabonze, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Im am totally at a loss. I have a 2003 pace arrow and was loading it a while ago at night. I had all the basement doors opened and was turning on all the basement lights. I got to the last one andthey all went out. No big deal I thought ....a fuse was blown. I had checked all the fuse boxes....the rear bedroom panel....under the dash by the brake pedal and under the hood. All fuses good. Is there any other fuses that I could be missing....possibly a fuse in the line somewhere. Thanks
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    Re: Pace Arrow basenment light fuse

    Hi Steve, I have a 2003 South wind and mine are controlled by a switch on the dash on the left side. It is one of the 4 of the switches, head light, fans hood light and basement. I have not found a in line fuse for the basement lights. If you find the problem please post back so the rest of us will have a good idea where to look if we should have that problem.
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    Re: Pace Arrow basenment light fuse

    I have a main switch inside of the main door for all of the compartments and one at each light inside of the compartments. Have you check for power at the main compartment switch in the coach?

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