Pacearrow Problems.

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Cash, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Cash

    Cash New Member

    Fellow RV'ers, I am seeking reports on problems with Fleetwood Pacearrows electrical system.

    I realize in different climates the problems I am experiencing may not happen, so your input either way will help in my continued quest to have Fleetwood or Lazydays of Tampa resolve my problems with my 2004 Pacearrow.

    My site is any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. ralphie

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    Pacearrow Problems.


    I took a look at your site and it appears that your primary complaint is that you can't run both ACs in your 30a coach. Most 30a coaches are set up so that one or the other, but not both, of the AC units will run when hooked to shore power. A few allow both to run with the genset on. I think your PA is sold with 50a as an option, which you did not get. As much as I dislike FW products based on my Bounder experiences, I don't think that you will get very far with FW if thats your only complaint, unless you can prove that the dealership represented that it would be able to use both units at once to cool it. Even then, its going to be tough to win on that one. :shy:
  3. Cash

    Cash New Member

    Pacearrow Problems.


    Glad to meet you.

    The unit did not have an option for 50 amp service or I would have certianly taken the option. I was lead to believe that there would be no problems with the way the electrical was set up.

    Also, when you pay for quality you expect quality, not a leaking roof that cetainly has caused unseen water damage.

    I will just keep plugging until I get my problems with this unit resolved.

    John $Cash$
  4. rlmurraysr59

    rlmurraysr59 New Member

    Pacearrow Problems.

    I own a Southwind 37-U. Another Fleetwood product that is considered to be just a little below your Pace Arrow.

    Do you have an Intellitec Climate Control unit for your airconditoners. Let me assume that you do. My airconditioners wouldn't work at the same time either. The Intellitec kept showing that the front conditioner was shedding. This meant that the compressor wouldn't come on.

    After two years of asking questions about this thing, I finally went on line and found a web site for Intellitec. They are a division of General Dynamics which is a military supplier. The climate control is a side line product. I found out that there was a control unit behind the electrical panel in my bedroom. There is a switch on the unit labeled "test". When I flipped the switch to the front airconditioner both of the conditioners ran just fine. It turns out that the Climate Control can be affected by electrical "noise" which causes the problem.

    There are some post in this website about the Intellitec Climate Control. The original post are from me and I received some very useful information. It turned out that my Climate Control was being affected by "noise" from my converter which is mounted on the floor under the refrigerator. I was told it could also be affected by flourescent lights or appliances. A dealer in Fayetteville, NC called Allsport RV Center fixed it for me.

    Fleetwood has never backed anything that I have complained about with this unit. The first thing that comes out of their mouth now, if I should bother to call them, is, "Of Course, You Realize, your motorhome is no longer covered by our warranty!" And then they will tell me to call my selling dealer, Walt Michael's RV "Stuper Center" in Belleville, Michigan. But when I call them all I do is listen to a recording that says, "Please stay on the line, our representatives are ignoring, I mean, helping other customers!" I have never talked to anyone in the service department at this dealership. I once got put on hold by the operator, before they automated the system, seven times when I called to talk to my salesperson. After the seventh time she came back on and said, "Oh, He got fired about five months ago!" Which would have been about two weeks after I bought the motorhome.

    I will say, however, that my motorhome is built on a Workhorse Chassis with the GM 8100 engine. I am totally satisfied with Workhorse. I have taken it to Terry Labonte Chevrolet twice for chassis service and Workhorse has backed the warranty work without any problem. The chassis warranty runs out this month but I have a bumper to bumper extended warranty. I will wait on any future problems before I pass judgement on the warranty company. They did fix the converter with out any problem.


    Good Luck and I hope you find the answer to your problem.

    Oh, I was told that you can get a Hughes Autoformer to connect to your 30amp system which will help the 30a system carry the load. According the Hughes Autoformer website I found through they unit cost about $400.00. There is also a A/C Fan Bypass Controller from G-Man Products available that shuts off the fan when the temperature reaches the set level. You can find that with a Google search too.
  5. Cash

    Cash New Member

    Pacearrow Problems.


    Glad to meet you.

    Your information really helped, I will check it out and thank you very much.

    John $Cash$

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