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    Heres something i was wondering. the design trend seams to be going moore ''homie'' look.removing the sometimes not so well placed wallcovering band,and applying a latex semi-gloss wall paint to the walls?hope this dosent sound to junky. we have a 2006 forest river 31'.
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    RE: painting

    steve ,, do u mean removing the wall paper and painting it just like in a stick home ???? well if so ,, i have done about 4 remodels ,, that i did just that ,,, used semi gloss ,, that way ,, it can be cleaned easy ,, and no it's not a trend ,,, well could be ,, but some of the upscale rv manufact's are doin it also ,, it saves them money on parts ,,, if u feel u want to do this ,, have at it ,, u won't be the odd one in the bunch ;) :approve: :approve: :approve: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Re: painting

    We know a couple who did just what you are thinking of. They found that in time the first wall painted began to bleed through the old pattern from the vinyl. They repainted, first with the product "Kilz" and then with ordinary latex wall paint and it has done very well now for about five years.

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