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    I started redoing the roof yesterday on my 89 bounder I just bought.I am new to rv and need advice and opinions on what to roof is a one piece aluminum roof.this small rv repair place I found said to use plas-t-cote on the front, rear caps,and all the vents etc... on the top side they said to use clear seal caulking.I also notice that a few of the big dealerships were also selling the same stuff for the roof.I live in BC so we see alot of rain.Is this stuff good? and what do you guys put on your aluminum roofs?
  2. Kirk

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    Re: Plas-t-cote

    I don't know exactly what you have in mind. If you are thinking of replacing the caulking along the seams, do not use any silicone based materials. I would use a butyl, self-leveling caulk. The reason is that nothing will stick to silicone caulk once it is cured, not even more silicone. For that and other reasons it is not a good choice for the roof.

    I am not familiar with the product "plas-t-cote" but I do have experience with a product "Kool Seal" which I used on the 87 motorhome that we had which had an aluminum roof. They make a product for use on the seams and also one for covering the entire roof.

    You mention the caps of the Bounder, I thought that Bounder only had a cap on the front back then and just used a flat rear that attached exactly the same as a side wall? I don't understand using any such product on a fiberglass cap?

    By the way, I no longer have an aluminum roof, but have EDPM now.

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    Re: Plas-t-cote

    I thought that plas t cote was the stuff you put on the handles of tools to make a rubber/plastic grip?

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    Re: Plas-t-cote

    Are you talking about where the caps join the roof? Is the aluminium painted and why are you wanting to coat it? Some have used cool seal but mine is painted and I just wash and wax it. Just be careful if you wax a painted top as it will be slick.
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    RE: Plas-t-cote

    you might consider the solution this individual used on his roof = basically took it into Line=x (the same as the pickup truck liner coatig)

    to correct leaks, i might suggest adding a layer of fiberglass weave, maybe a 1/8" or 1/4" square grid fiberglass mat before either the liner-x or plasticote was applied - would keep the stretch or flexing from stretching the coating material from tearing

    just a suggestion

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