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Discussion in 'Class B Motorhomes' started by Robert Evans, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. Robert Evans

    Robert Evans New Member

    We currently own a 20' Gulfstream(class C) and have been thinking of moving "down" to a class B. Recently saw a new Pleasure Way Excel-very interesting unit. We travel with 2 dogs(about 50 lbs. each). Can you use this unit in the winter? How does it handle in the snow? Is there a used market in the Ohio area? What about gas mileage? Thanks for the help :)
  2. Will Daniels

    Will Daniels New Member

    Pleasure Way

    Hi,Chloe: No response to your post so I guess I will throw in my 2 cents worth. All the popular class B's have web sites.I know cause I looked at them all.Much more expensive than a class C so I went with a used one. A Roadtrek 190,only because there are a lot of them around,and I found a good one at a reasonable price 300 miles from home. Pleasure Way looks good to me.Depends wether you are buying new or used,as there are'nt many used ones around. Most of these vans are pretty heavy in the rear,so they should be OK in snow. The newer ones have inside water tanks,but you must use anti-freeze in the holding tanks in below freezing weather. You would have to remove the rear seats for the dogs. Gas mileage is about 11-12 for local driving and 14-15 on the highway.Depending where you are in Ohio,the factory is in Ontario-not too far away? Pleasure-Way is in Saskatchewan.
  3. Arcy

    Arcy New Member

    Pleasure Way

    Don't be too hasty Chloe! Unless you've already looked at the Trail-lite "B-Plus", you owe it to yourself to check it out B4 buying.
    We just made an on-line purchase of a brand new 2003 B-Plus with all available options. Although sticker prices are of little value, other than to legalize the theft of trade-ins, we bought at $18,600 below MSRP. Haven't had it long enuf to know very much, but so far we really like it. BTW, it even has heated holding tanks!
  4. WHT

    WHT New Member

    Pleasure Way

    I have a 1999 Pleasure-Way Excel TW and think it is the very best!
    Excellent workmanship no troubles, aver 13mpg. We downsized from a 34' Pace Arrow and have no regrets.
  5. LeslieE

    LeslieE New Member

    Pleasure Way

    Hi Chloe,

    I am in sales at one of the largest dealerships in the country and we carry Pleasure Way new and several others, used. To be honest, all Class B's will feel tight with the dogs. I have a class C with no slide and a 60 pound dog and she takes up a lot of room. But, aside from that, there are several Class B's that are good. Pleasure Way is one of the best, and I don't say that because we sell them. They should be fine in the snow, but as with any Van, snow tires would probably be a good idea. Like Will said, there are websites for each of the manufacturers. However, if you would like some advice and specifics, please, don't hesitate to call me. My cell phone number is 520-891-7752 or 800-284-4878. I will be happy to answer any questions, and I promise I won't try to sell you one, if you promise not to buy!!! :laugh:
  6. NJcamper49

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    Pleasure Way

    I have to disagree with Leslie E about Class B's being "tight" with dogs -- My sis and I travel with several (dogs) of fairly good size -- I have a PleasureWay 2003 TS and manage just fine. We would have less (dogs) but started camping together when we already had them. I do agree that Pleasure-Way is one of the best -- well made, a joy to drive and camp in. I am actually selling mine now as we are going to use my sis's PW '04 TD. Anyone out there who knows anyone who wants a great vehicle, tell them to contact me! :blush:

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