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    Does anyone know - from first hand experience - where a good poodle groomer is in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas? [​IMG]

    We're currently in Weslaco, Texas. I took mine to the Pet Smart in Destin, Florida last time, but my toy poodle had a nail ripped out while under their care. [​IMG] They said he caught it on the floor of the cage, which I guess is possible, but you just never know. Plus as I was leaving with them a woman in the store said she wouldn't take her dogs there because she has watched them and they were very rough with the dogs. [​IMG]

    So even though they have a Pet Smart down here, I'm half afraid to take them there. I need to know if anyone has taken their dog to a groomer in this area that they trust to do a good job and not hurt my babies. Thanks!

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    RE: Poodle Groomer

    OKI have to ask........Most of the time the emoticons :dead: won't work for me. How do you do all the really cool graphics and icons?:question:

    :eek: ;) :) :bleh: :cool: :question: :question: see what I mean!!
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    RE: Poodle Groomer

    These are my own. I store them at Photobucket.com They don't have any cool ones on here. [​IMG]

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