Poor TV reception from bedroom (fifth wheel)

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by dae06, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. dae06

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    If I connect my 19" flat panel TV to the booster (rear of the RV) I will recieve 15 channels. When I take the same TV and connect it to the output in my bedroom (fifth wheel) I only get 2 channels. Once in a while a couple others will come on but the signal strength is too low 95% of the time. My first thought was the cable buried in the walls was bad, so I bypassed it and used a 25' coaxial cable I had made by my DirectTv guy. If I connect this to the booster, the same thing happens, 2 channels. So my thought is a weak booster, What do you think??

    It works fine using a 3 foot coaxial cable connected to the booster, but when I replace that one with a 25' cable, I have weak signal problems.

    All suggestions are appreciated.
  2. waroland

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    There are several connectors on the booster, two are inputs and the other is a output. One input is from the antenna and the other input is usually from the cable input. Are you sure you are connecting to an output connector, it should be the one on the right looking from the back.
  3. JamesTheMan

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    Seems like this may be a possibility. Has the direct tv guy said anything about the setup?

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