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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Candy, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I purchased a brand new VIKING POP UP camper in July 2007. I've used it a total of 45 nights since I purchased it. On the weekend of June 28th, 2010 this set out to be a fun relaxing weekend but it turned out to be a NIGHT MARE from hell.
    We arrived at the camp ground set up the pop up as shown on the video as I have so many times before. About 1:00 am I retired to the rear bunk (king size) and my friend retired to the front bunk. After I was in bed about 20 minutes I heard something that sounded like it was tearing. Then all of a sudden the long poles that go from the frame to the bottom of the bed fell and then the "BED FELL". I jumped out of bed. I could not believe this happened. These beds are suppose to hold up to 1200 lbs. Which by the way I don't even come closed to this. My friend yelled what is going on? I told her what happened, she was amazed and alarmed. I then retired over to the dining room table that sets up as a double bed. A few minutes later my friend so oh my God. Her bunk fell as well, poles hit the ground and the poles that attach to the frame and come straight out that holds the bed while pulling it out and acts as more support had bent when it dropped. The part of the bed that is inside the camper that make the bed slide in and out was sticking straight up. We both ended up sharing the double that is a slide out, I was thinking OH My God is this going to break as well? I got enough sleep to make the drive home in the morning after putting this camper back together to get it home. I immediately called Viking they were closed. They did return my call on Monday morning. There reaction was pretty much OH WELL. I was then told to contact COACHMAN because they are the ones who make up the WARRANTY. I had to furnish the serial numbers for him. I then recieved an E-MAIL stating "MY WARRANTY EXPIRED IN JULY 2008. I wrote him back stating this is not a warranty issue but a Manufactors problem. That these things are made very shotty, cheap and sure to mess up after the WARRANTY. Would you want to lose your life or a family members life because you make a piece of junk. I was told to take it to any dealer and get a quote to fix it then pay for it.
    Now I'm stuck with a piece of crap that I must still pay for and PAY TO FIX. Does anyone have any suggestions or re-course. I say they need to stop making these camps and selling them as SAFE.

    Candy Calvert
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    Re: Pop Ups

    Sorry about your mishap. Having been around tent type pops ups abit this does happen. But with two side going south at the same time I would say there was operator error involved, one side ok but two, are you sure you put the supports in correctly? If you can prove factory defect go for it if not well not much can be done.

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    Re: Pop Ups

    Welcome to the forum Candy. Hope you hang around with more than just the one post. Sorry to hear of your problem with the pop up. I always like to lean to a campers opinion but like Len I have to wonder about both failings on the same night. If it's a MFG design problem I am sure others have had the same problem. What will have to be repaired? Just the poles or did the mounts fail? Should not be an expensive repair. Was the unit level? After 45 nights of use did you see any signs of possible failure? Are you sure maybe some prankster was not looking to have some fun. Keep us posted.

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