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    Got a 89 Winnie, 31rt Chieftain and just can't seem to find the power drain for the fresh water tank. Owner's manual says it is located by water hookup, but it isn't there. Anybody got any ideas as to where the drain is for the fresh water tank on this model? I don't really use the fresh water tank, but want to flush it out and make sure nothing is growing in it that doesn't belong there. Might be just missing.... :laugh:
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    HI Archer, these drains vary with each mfg and model and year, but it is usually located near the water tank, I would look under the MH to see if you can see any drain lines poking down thur the floor and then find it inside the coach. Lots of time they are between the tank and the pump, good luck. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
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    Sometimes they are just a screw in plug in the bottom of the tank...

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