Power Source for Leveling System?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by scottb80, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. scottb80

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    I just finished repairing my HWH leveling system that hasn't worked since I bought the Big Rolling Turd:D. I had to put on a new tank and fix some bad wiring. The 12V for the pump led up to the engine compartment, but was disconnected when I bought it. I felt that since it was a power hog and needed fast amps when run, that hooking to the engine battery was the place to be, did I guess right? The 12V cable was long enough that it could have been hooked anywhere.
  2. Clay L

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    Mine is connected to the engine battery and my manual says to have the engine running when the jacks are being extended or retracted.

    Some coaches have a lockout that keeps the jacks from being operated when the engine is running to prevent moving the coach by accident.

    Mine has a loud alarm and I guess Winnebago thinks that is enough.
  3. Pancanbob

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    Hi, Scott
    Mine is the same as Clay L's, keep the motor running while deploying the jacks & Retracting them.
    Also after the jacks have been up and I'm driving down the road the warning Buzzer will start to sound.
    I hit the "Retract", I was told the the oil in the line starts to get warm and expands and I get the alarm
    Take care

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