Powering with fuel cells?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Arvin, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Arvin

    Arvin New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and I was hoping you guys could help me out.

    I have read about using fuel cells to power appliances recently and they sound interesting. I've looked around but haven't found out much. I like the idea of being "green" when running my appliances. Does anyone know much about them? What are your opinions on them?

  2. utmtman

    utmtman Senior Member

    Re: Powering with fuel cells?

    Never heard of them. Ive heard of all kinds of gimmicks to improve peoples fuel mileage and have yet found one that honestly works. Fuel cells could also be a gimmick.
  3. Arvin

    Arvin New Member

    RE: Powering with fuel cells?

    Well I read that they are already putting them on RVs in Europe. Let me find the link....


    I'm not sure about the US though. I thought some people might have them.
  4. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Re: Powering with fuel cells?

    This is basically 12 volt only so if you are running any 110 it will need a big inverter. Now any inverter use will drag the batteries down in a hurry(Micro, heaters, coffee maker, hair dryer). If you are on a 12 volt system only or very near this might be a viable option, however I have never seen a fuel cell refill for sale or these units in the US so the supply may be a big problem plus storage and legality of travel with the fuel cell. And then there is the cost. that is where you might see a lot of green. My bet would be on a large batter pack and solar.

  5. JimE

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    RE: Powering with fuel cells?

    I use fuel cell powered generators at some of my work locations. It was more of a test than anything else. They dont last long and are expensive to replace and sometimes difficult to find. I dont think the technology has caught up with the market yet. I would watch the pricing for a while to see if it comes down and the capacity can be increased.

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