PowerMax XP4400 Generator

Discussion in 'Towables' started by RBStubbs, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. RBStubbs

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    I have been reading several message threads regarding generators and have several postings for Kipor (KGE3000TI), Honda (EU3000i), Yamaha (EF3000ISE) and others but have never seen anyone mention a PowerMax XP4400. The specs appear to be very similar to the other brands and the only two noticeable differences are price (less than 50% of some of the others) and noise level. The noise level is certainly higher (louder) than the Honda’s which appear to be the quietest, but the level of 69db at 7 meters (about 23 feet) seems acceptable.

    In looking for a generator, eBay lists the PowerMax XP4400 for as low as $400 to about $450. Has anyone had any experience with this manufacturer or better yet, this specific model?

    Thank you in advance for your valued input as I have really enjoyed reading several other posts and responses.
  2. ironart

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    Re: PowerMax XP4400 Generator

    I had the unfortunate experience of camping next to one of those cheep (noisy) units......I couldn't stand the noise and had to leave for another spot in the campground.

    If you want to win friends and influence people (in a positive way) .... Quieter is Better .... HONDA would be the best buy in the long run....!!!! ;) ;) :eek: :eek: :) :) :) ....

    Keep in mind that most camp sites are closer together than 25 feet and YOU are going to be sitting right on top of that thing....

    Go to a construction rental store and rent one and run it outside your window for 3 or 4 hours and try to watch TV with it on.....That will convince you.
  3. bobarr9145

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    Re: PowerMax XP4400 Generator

    WELL THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH CHEEP GENS IS THE WILL POWER SURGE YOUR CAMPER AND TAKE OUT ALL THE ELECTRICAL CONVERTER 285.00 FRIDGE BOARD 245.00 MICROWAVE 335.00 TV $ AND EVEN IF ITS NEW YOUR WARRANTY WILL NOT COVER HIgh VOLTAGE SPIKES THEIR ARE TELL TELL SIGHNS NOT JUST ALL APLIANCES ARE BURNT OUT. EXSTENDED WARRANTY WON'T COVER EITHER . I'm your friendly service manager and oh labor 100.00 a hour. You see the better gens have electronic voltage regulators ans voltage suppress to protect your so the only gens I would recommend would be kipor. Yamaha,honda , onan, kolar
  4. RBStubbs

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    RE: PowerMax XP4400 Generator

    Thank you “Ironart” and “Bobarr9145” for your comments. Any thoughts on the Champion 4000 Watt model C46540? I have read good reviews about this generator so I am curious of your thoughts.


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