Pray for our President

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by JimE, Nov 24, 2009.


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    Re: Pray for our President

    Last Post........I think it is time for me to get off this forum. It was fun. Good luck and best wishes to all. I've outlived my welcome. Bye
  2. LEN

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    Re: Pray for our President

    Mike Don't go that's what they want. That is exactly why I posted the way I did. Your right where you belong with your post. Look at my post, that's why I posted the way I did. tedonaldsn called us "Christian Taliban" and also accused us of "So, are ya'll praying for Obama to be killed" and I for one take offense at this. I am a tax paying US citizen and can damn well disagree with the commander in chief without wishing him dead. We just had a TROLL trying to separate us.

  3. H2H1

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    Re: Pray for our President

    Hey Mike don't go. I have read your posts and have learned so many things from you. I also fought for this country and would do it again if needed. I do agree with Len , tedonaldson has gotten under your skin. I am a Christian for God.and I am not afraid to say it. Remember, divided we fall, united we stand. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    yea ,, mike don't take ones so called opinion on what they think we are ,, we know what we are ,, they don't ,, so please don't go :approve: :) :)
  5. Kirk

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    Re: Pray for our President

    This thread is a good example of the reason so many RV forums ban political & religious subjects.
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    Re: Pray for our President

    Howdy all. Just decided to check out my rv forum, have been away for awhile, and imagine my surprise to find a political discussion! The forums (of all kinds) are full of trolls. Ya'll don't let em get to ya. They have nothing better to do. Their check is late coming and they're getting a little pi$$y. :laugh:

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    Re: Pray for our President

    Know I am new here but had to comment.

    The old adage that you should never discuss politics or religion - is wrong.

    We must discuss both, with friends, neighbors, acquaitances, and relatives - especially our children.

    Without discussion - how do we know what we ourselves think?

    Without saying it out loud, and being challenged to think - how can we be sure of our opinion?

    What IF we might hear sonmething to change our opinion?

    The lack of discussion, is a primary reason IMHO that the newer generationsw have no clue where we have been, what we have done, what has worked and failed in the past.

    Name calling of course is for those too ignorant to have a discussion, and anger holds no place in civil discussion.

    Both of those should simply be ignored - after all - you can not fix stupid.
  8. DL Rupper

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    RE: Pray for our President

    Believe me I'm praying.
    Kirk, the forums that ban political discussion are Progressive/Liberals because they don't like the truth. Free speach is what it's all about.
  9. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Pray for our President

    Good to hear from you DL!!

    I agree with the Free Speach idea...been around a while now, wonder how some people forget about that RIGHT we have.
  10. utmtman

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    Re: Pray for our President

    And thats the problem with the world today. People afraid to speak and or get involved. And a lot of them bitch the most about it IMHO.
  11. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Pray for our President

    Fire the incumbents! All they are doing now is catering to the polls and telling you what you want to hear. Fire them!

    Don't forget to demand what you want from your local Representative(s) and Senator(s).

    All you need is your 10 digit zip code. No more excuses!

    Bookmark the following link to find the contact info for any official in any district in any state:

    Pass it on!

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