pre heating of engine

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by dutchdieselpusher, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Hello fellow RV owners. I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and own a Fleetwood Revolution 2003. It’s a diesel pusher with Cummins engine. I am now about to leave for Spain. But the weather is freezing pretty hard here. I want to use the "pre heat engine" button at the side of the bed. Does anyone know what this thing does? And how much time do I have to leave it on? Does it use 12DC or 110 AC? (inverter when not plugged in?) Does it switch off automatically?
    Does it heat the water and/or the oil? I hear no action when switched on and I don't dare to leave it on too long.
    Please help
    Best Regards
    Hans Breuls
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    pre heating of engine

    IF i were you I would call the Dealer you bought it from to find out for sure but i do beleive it heats the oil

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