Problem in the dersert.

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    Just a note as it may happen to you. If you have a freightliner and a Cat. We had the power steering fluid return line wear through, had a bit of oil on the towed and thought the slober tube to be the trouble but NOT. When I opened the rear bay doors and looked to the ground, FLUID, nuts. The reservoir was all but MT. The problem was at the bumper and top cap joint(it's a sharp edge and cut the hose). EZ fix right, it is low pressure, well I couldn't get the right male to male connector so I tried to jam a too big connector and put a jerk(me) and broke the 90 degree out of the reservoir, now I have a problem. But surprise it does unscrew(thought it was welded plastic) and made a run for parts and surprise again ACE had what I needed. 2 quarts of fluid and the hose put back together and fixed with snap ties holding the hoses away from danger. So anyone with the frightliner and Cat take a look a snap tie or two may keep you from a break down. Think I will crawl around and look for other wear points I can correct before a problem arises.

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    Re: Problem in the dersert.

    Thanks for the info Len. Sorry you had this happen. You just reminded me that it is time to drain my reservoir and refill with new.

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    Re: Problem in the dersert.

    Bummers Len but glad you got it fixed without having to put something in hock.
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    Re: Problem in the dersert.

    Well i agree ,, i have seen heater lines done the same way ,, the ones from the engine to the front of the coach ,, i have went over mine ,, and any lines or anything that looks like it might rub something ,, got tied up away from that area ,, Good point Len ,, i bet others will be now thinking about all of this ,, it is something that most do not think about ,, till it happens
    ;) :( :approve:

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