Propane on '89 Gulfstream

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by wlycoyote, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. wlycoyote

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    We've got a probably stupid question -- but we can't find the valve to turn on the propane in our newly purchased '89 Sunstream Hi-Rise. We just got the tank filled, but are getting no gas to the stove or furnace. We're not new RV'ers, but the trailer we had was very self-explanatory because the propane valves were on the propane tanks! Please help! Thanks so much.
  2. Gary B

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    Propane on '89 Gulfstream

    Hi wlycoypte, the gas valve is on the tank handle looks the same as on a portable tank (round notched) a connection from the valve will go to the regulator ( it maybe under a cover). The fill connetion will / should have a yellow plastic cover on it. Hope this helps GB

    PS if your MH is equipped with a LP detector, you will have to turn it on as some are connected to an electric gas valve, and you'll not get any LP flow until it is on.

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