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    Hey Hollis, talk about encouragement. I have been using blue ice for 13 years. We leave a small block in the freezer and put 1 sometimes 2 small blocks in the fridge when we travel. I have never had any of our food get warm. Even in the middle of the summer it works great. We have gone up to at least 10 hrs with no problem. Cold liquid items in the fridge help also. Beer, pop, milk, juice. Works for me and I don't worry about that guy pumping gas on the other side of my RV blowing up when my propane ignites a flame to cool the fridge. I read that this was the best way to go way back when I first started to full-time and just got in the habit of doing it. I get a secure/good feeling when I start out for the day knowing my propane is shut off at the tank. :)
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    Tell um DL...
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    Thanks for teaching,
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    thanks DL I think I am going to get me some package and keep in the frig for now on. Although I have a 3 way power supply I like you way it so safe once again Thanks for your response
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    What it is with DL is the fact that all those diesel fumes are going back through the trailer and curing the meat in the fridge is the reason it dont spoil. Nothing like diesel smoked ham or that is according to DL :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ;)

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