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    I know this is gonna get DL riled up ,, but for my info ,, to pass along to my customers ,, what do u do ,,, run the fridge on gas while traveling ,, run the furnace while traveling ,, i myself have not done either ,, i run my fridge on 12 volt ,, the furnace has never been needed while traveling ,, but i wanted to know from u all ,, full timers and all ,, that way i can have a few good points to share with my customer's on this subject ,, thanks
    Rod ;) :approve: :)
  2. Steve H

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    RE: propane

    We travel with the fridge running on propane! Doesn't work on 12 volt and I can't see letting the food spoil. I do shut it off when refueling. Haven't had a need for the furnace while on the road.

    DARLING New Member

    Re: propane

    When we run the generator it runs the fridge. If we are not running the gen, we leave it on 12vt. We are never that long without ac or generator that we would have to worry about spoilage.
    As for propane heater, we do not use it when traveling. Just personal preferrence.
    Darlin :cool:
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    Re: propane

    Well I like Rod I run mine on 12 v when on the road and doing well so for. we do't need for the furnace to run.when on he road. I never use propane except to cook we hardly need the furance
  5. Shadow

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    Re: propane

    We use DL's method. It Works.... :)
  6. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: propane

    I travel with the refer on gas, but if I have to stop for fuel, I cut the refer off before I pull up to the pump.
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    Re: propane

    I do the same as Ken. RV propane systems have had "stop flow" safety valves in them for many years that will shut the gas off should it ever rupture. Any idea of how the owners of propane fueled gensets get them to run when on the road? If I were afraid to use propane when driving (usually we are awake then) I sure would not be able to sleep with it in use.

    That said, if you are not comfortable traveling with propane on, it sure won't hurt to run with it off as long as you limit the use of the refrigerator when traveling and perhaps keep some frozen blue packs or ice jugs in it to help. The best thing to do is whatever you feel comfortable with.
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    Re: propane

    Good point's all and thanks ,, i was just kinda wondering what u all do ,, as i stated i have a 3way refer and i run it on propane to get it cold ,, then when on the road i switch to 12v ,, to save propane i guess anway thanks agian i now have some thing to pass along when i get these types of questions ,, and bty i myself am not afraid to run on propane ,, my dad's second coach only a gas and 120v refer ,, and we ran down the road with it on gas ,, agian thanks :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: ;) ;)
  9. SnowbirdInFlight

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    Re: propane

    We've had our TT for eight years and have never turned off the propane while traveling. It keeps our fridge cold! [​IMG] I've yet to see an article or news story of a fire at the pumps caused by an RV fueling up while their propane tanks were turned on. JMHO.

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