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Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by uspdk712, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I am planning a tour of the US this summer and expect to buy an RV. Currently there is an Itasca (by Winnabego) Sunrise series 33" with 25k miles for sale. It has a 454 Chevy engine and appears to be well maintained.
    The current owner claims average mileage of 11/mph. This is a concern as I expect the trip will cover 8000+ miles.
    Can anyone offer suggestions or cautions on this type of vehicle?
    This is a Class A vehicle, but perhaps a smaller Class C would be more practical. The unit will only need to support one person.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. rjf7g

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    Re: Prospective purchase

    You should look in to one of the smaller class B's if you will only have one person and one of your top criteria is fuel mileage. Gulfstream claims "top in it's class fuel economy" for its Vista Cruiser - - 22 mpg according to the brochure.

    Typically, a class B will have a "wet bath" - that is, the shower pan IS the bathroom floor. This may be worth 11 mpg! I get about 8.5 mpg in my 27' 1992 class C - great tires with proper inflation and well tuned, loaded to the max, though.
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    Re: Prospective purchase

    The difference between and 8 mpg rig and a 20 mpg rig is $2000 for the 8000 mile trip. Now $2000 in the cost of the RV may make the A cheaper in overall cost for the trip depending on the cost of a possibly newer b or c to take advantage of better fuel economy. Things like tires batteries and small maintenance issues could make either a good or bad buy. If you are vacationing in areas where a toad is not needed the A maybe better but in some national parks the b could be the only answer. More info needed.

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    RE: Prospective purchase

    I suspect your prospective seller is blowing smoke up your butt. I do not believe for one instant that he is getting 11 mpg. I have a 26' Damon, with TBI injection and the best it does is 10.5 if I keep it between 55-60. 33', I would think would be more like 8-9 mpg. JMHO

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