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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by burkelly, May 26, 2010.

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    Hello everybody out there. I am new to the RV world. I am looking to purchase a used rv to get started on traveling. I am about eight years away from retiring. I am single mother of four;two have graduated from college and two are still in college. My plans for rving are to be able to take my kids on trips here and there. I also have a boyfriend who is interested in accompanying me on these trips. I would like an rv that is easy to handle but yet has room enough if I happen to take all four kids. I am very interested in the Winnebago View J model. The one I looked at is a 2006 diesel which is in excellent condition. The owner's log verifies that he kept up with the maint. The asking price is $52,000. The dealer didn't flinch when I suggested $40K but that was before I realized that there is 84,000 miles on it. It advertised 24,000 miles in the paper which I found out was a mistake. Any thoughts on what is a reasonable price for this RV and any other thoughts to steer me in the right direction. My next posting will be much shorter. Thanks for all the help and I wish I was in an RV now and retired.
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    Re: purchasing an rv

    Hello Joani and welcome to the forum. :cool:

    If you are concerned about the 84,000 miles on a diesel don't be. This engine is not even broke in yet. I would be more concerned about the false advertising and the dealer than the mileage.

    If you are eight years away from retirement take your time, no need to hurry. There are a lot of good motor homes on the market at great values. I am looking at a 2010 Class A. I figure if I wait until 2015 I can buy it used for about half the price. Anyway, good luck and keep us posted. :)
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    Re: purchasing an rv

    Thanks for the reply. Anybody have any thoughts on a Itasca Navion? Apparently they are the equivalent to the Winnebago View. I am currently in the process of trying to get a local dealer to come down in price. I am a bit nervous about actually owning one and keeping up with the maintenance as it sounds very expensive. Who knows, I may be a RVer pretty soon.
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    RE: purchasing an rv

    The price opf $52,000 is a loot for an aged unit with 84,000 miles, no matter how well it was maintained. For that kind of money you can get into a two or three year old unit with a lot less miles. I recently puchased a 27-foot 2007 Coachman with a Ford V8 in veryu nice shape with onloy 14,000 mil;es for $53K. Hope this helps.

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