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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Perzina, May 1, 2009.

  1. Perzina

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    We have a 2007 Nation Rv Diesel Pusher, when we go to the truck stop to put in fuel it goes in to fast? it splashes back out on to the ground, no matter how hard or slow we put the fuel in it still spashes out, please help. What are we doing wrong?
  2. vanole

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    RE: putting diesel in rv


    I suspect you only have one fillup point on your motorhome. IF you have a fill up point on both sides open the cap on the far side and you will get your fuel in okay (providing you have an idea on how much you will take if not could make a huge mess). What is happenning is when you fuel at the truck islands it pumps much faster and your fuel is foaming. Maybe try not inserting nozzle in all the way may help in venting.

    Second option would be to look under your motorhome near fueling point and see if the line makes a quick "U" if so see if there is enopugh play in the line to straighten it out some to help with venting.

    Another option and this one really will frost you, at the truck stops use the auto pump island (providing it has diesel)which will pump much slower, thus reducing foaming. Course this takes alt longer.

  3. Triple E

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    Re: putting diesel in rv

    Use the pumps that the car use. The truck pumps have a larger nozzle therefore the fuel flows faster. Look at the fuel tanks on a truck then compare with yours. You will understand why the difference. Enjoy your 2007.
  4. Kirk

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    Re: putting diesel in rv

    Most truck pumps not only have a larger nozzle, but they are served by a much larger pump which puts out a higher volume and pressure. Your RV probably does not have a large enough fill throat to accept the high flow rate. If you check you will find that the vent line from the fuel tank is much smaller than the fill line, and that is probably where the issue is.
  5. Xlgcrplt

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    Re: putting diesel in rv

    OK had this big long post about this one. I'll just shorten to WHY?? WHY?? in the world would you want to get in the way or for that matter in the same parking lot with the truckers who for one are on a very strict time schedule and two NEED those parking spots as they are limited to where they can park. When most of the truck stops have an RV/auto fuel island. not to mention the fact that ALL states have a Road use tax for the trucks that is MUCH higher than for other vehicles, which is paid at the pump in most states. but if you must get in the way of the truckers then We'll see you all set up in the Wal-mart parking lot for the weekend.

    OK maybe not so short. FYI Jeff, the New "cleaner diesel" doesn't foam. It's just to high volume for most RV's at the TRUCK island. And the nozzles are larger also.

    BTW: anybody want to buy a 2001 Freightliner Classic XL limited, 84" sleeper. they only BIG thing to sell b-4 we head out. LOL

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