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    We bought a new 2007 Discovery in Arizona this winter. It had the new warranty from Fleetwood. Every thing worked fine until we headed home to Wisconsin, nothing real major just leveling jacks and some other minor problems. When We got home and found out my nearest Fleetwood dealer was in Madison Wi. which was called Wisconsin Rv. I made an appointment for the service and left the vehicle there. I picked it up today and am happy to say everything was fixed under the warranty. I was treated very well by these people. My hats off to these people and would recomend them highly. I posted this on this forum as it seems that all you ever hear about is complaints, so I thought I would give a compliment for once to people for a job well done :laugh:
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    RE: putting the good word in

    hey Dave ,, now that's great ,, to have someone say a positive thing about a service center ,, i know and all the rest hear the negative sides ,, but u know the old saying ,, if u get good service u'll tell one ,, but get bad service u'll tell 20 ,, well ithink u turned that old saying around tonight ,, and agian glad all worked out for u ,, and hope u'r heading out soon ,,, ;) :) :approve: :approve: :approve:

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    Re: putting the good word in

    OK everybody

    I know everybody has had to have at least 1 good experience with repair/service centers. So lets Hear em.

    Darlin :cool:
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    Re: putting the good word in

    Im not goin first.
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    Re: putting the good word in

    Ok. I bought my Winnie at Holiday World in Houston. I've only taken it back to have the special order mattress put in (SelectComfort) that they agreed to install as part of the deal.

    Haven't been back for anything since, but I would go back.

    PS. When the string broke on one of my shades, Winebago sent warranty replacements for BOTH windows.
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    Re: putting the good word in

    i have had great service at this spot Tennessee Ave Rv Service .. but can't remeber what they done great ,, but they fixed my problems ,, and charged very little ,, they offer an onsight service also ,, no advertizing spam here ,, they were great ;) :approve: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Re: putting the good word in

    OK now I got something to say about La Mesa RV. I bought my Fleetwood in Atlanta La meas RV Center. I got in Nov and wasn't planing on using it until Spring. It had a warranty and I instructed them that it was going into storage it and I wanted my warranty extended till Apr. they agreed, SINCE IT WAS DEAL NOW OR NO DEAL UNTIL SPRING. and on the first trip out I found out my fresh water tank had a hole in it. When I got back home I called and reported it to the manager, his reply was SORRY OUT OF WARRANTY. I e-mail the home office and then a phone call and spoke with the VP and he stated that not how they treat there customers and for me to get an estimate and call it in to him as he would make it good. HE DID $1700. So I was happy about that, by the way the service manager is no longer employed with them .QUESTION would I buy again from them yes. :clown:

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