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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by WandaLust, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. WandaLust

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    What happens when someone is say, hundreds or even a thousand miles from home with their RV and the driver gets injured or sick and can't drive it home? Maybe he/she is in the hospital or had to be transported home by ambulance or plane. What does the wife or non-driver do? I drive but would never attempt to haul our RV. I'm also the type who gets lost going to the mailbox with a map, if you get my drift. So please, no suggestions I learn to haul it and somehow not get lost.

    Who do you call? How do you get the RV home? Are there businesses who do this for people? What would you do if it happened to you?
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    This does not answer your question, but WHY post this 5 times??? Once is plenty, we will see it.

    I cannot travel far enough from home (yet) for this to be an issue for me. Hope someone can give you a good answer.
  3. H2H1

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    Good Sams offer a road side emergency plan. And one of there advertizement actually states and event that is like the one you are asking. Give them a call and see what they can do for you. BTW I have it, but can't remember the cost.
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    Ken if you would look WandaLust other posts, they did not work. That is why there is an extra post.
  5. C Nash

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    If I was woried about this I would join the Good Sam medical plan. They will handle getting the rv home and advise you also. Hope you never need it. I don't have it so can't say how good it is.
  6. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    I do see that now. Guess now Cindy and her programmers need to clean it up.
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    It showed up 5 times because I kept getting a "Bad Request" error and was told to try again in 3 seconds. So I tried again and again and kept getting the "Bad Request" error, please try again. It didn't say that the post went through so I had no way to know it was. Sorry, but I get the "Bad Request" error almost every time I try to post here.

    I'm concerned because should something happen to my husband while on the road. I wouldn't know who to call or what to do. :(
  8. WandaLust

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    We have a roadside plan with them but it doesn't include getting a rig home from far away should the driver be incapacitated. We go as far as 900 miles from home. They'll just tow us somewhere local should our TV break down - local to where we break down. Tow us to an Auto repair shop I believe. You may be talking about their Premiere plan which is very expensive my husband said. Do you mean that plan?
  9. WandaLust

    WandaLust Member

    I'll try to get more information on it. We may not be able to afford it. We're retired and at the age when anything can happen. I feel it's better to be prepared beforehand if possible, than to be caught off-guard in an emergency. He can go to any Hosp (Medicare) or VA Hosp... getting the rig home after he's cared for is my concern.
  10. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Sorry your having problems with the forum. I did not know, there have been cases of multiable listings just because they wanted to. Hopefully Cindy and her crew can help you out there. Please stick around and ask away.
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    I don't know what causes the "Bad Request" error. Perhaps they can find the glitch in the code?!?!?! I can't see anything I'm doing to cause it.

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