Question about electric steps

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by rddog8691, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. rddog8691

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    I am having problems with the electric steps on my Bounder. They were working fine but now will not extend out. I did check the connections and they all seem fine. There is a clicking sound when opening and closing the door. Does anyone have any experience with the motors on these types of steps.


    RE: Question about electric steps

    I have had problems in the past with my electric steps. I eventually purchased new elec. steps......and they weren't cheap, $300 plus.

    Good luck, sorry I wasn't ANY help !
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    RE: Question about electric steps

    I washed my Winnebago adventurer and all of the sudden my electric steps started extending out and retracting, extending out and retracting over and over. It wasn't until I shut off the power and pulled the "pin" underneath the coach on the steps. I tied them up and was going to take it to the shop and have them look at it and I tried them two days later. They "dried" out and started to work ok. I'm still going to have the shop take a look at them, but I heard that you should really keep them lubricated very well!

    Good Luck
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    RE: Question about electric steps

    yes ,, keeping them lubricated does help ,,, but to me it sounds like that u got water in the main board for the steps ,, it is sealed from the factory ,, and it will take driving thru rain ,, but once the seal is broke ,, water can enter ,, and cause havoc with the board ,,, but u can fix it u'r self ,,, go under the steps ,, u should see a box ,, either blue or orange in color ,,, if u want u can try and find the spot that is leaking water in ,,, but what i do is just seal the box up ,, with any type of silicone ,,, a caulking gun works great for this ,,, it don't matter the type of sealant u use ,, u'r just sealing a crack ,,, and nobody will see it anyway ;) :approve: :approve:
    Oh yea ,, seal around the whole box ,,, sorry forgot that :eek:
  5. rddog8691

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    Re: Question about electric steps

    I finally got my steps to retract and extend but they are moving very slowly and sometimes need a push to go all the way in or out seems like the motor is week, has anyone had this problem and do the motors typically go in these.

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