Question on trailer axel??

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Burny, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Burny

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    I purchased a brand new 2007 Wildwood camper in 07'. I have noticed that tires on both the front and back on the one side are wearing on the outside tread. Took tire in and have been told it is definately caused by axcel's that are not straight. Only have about 1000 miles on the camper/tires and they are almost bald in spots. I contacted the dealer, but that has been an absolute nightmare. I have tried for almost a month to get them to do something. Everytime it is the excuse game on why they have no answer from Forest River. They told me that they would not fix nor would Forest River stand behind it???? Unfotunately, since I did not pull it enough so far I have not seen the wear until now.

    My question is this... Has anyone had this issue before? Were you able to get the dealer/manufacture to stand behind it and take care of it? Right now, I need to take the trailer to the closest repair shop with a lift to perform this and that is nearly 80 miles away. Not to mention I need to have at least 2 tires replaced.

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!!

  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Question on trailer axel??

    OH YES, heard of this before...when I sold FR. BUT, you have had this trailer 3 years and only towed it 1,000 miles? Your out of warranty....

    I will try to help, but need some more information. How heavy is your trailer (UVW) and what size axles are on it. Is it the driver side tires or the curb side?

    Usually when the axles are bent, the inside of the tire wears because the axle flattens out. To have the outside wear is odd.
  3. Burny

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    Re: Question on trailer axel??

    Thanks for the response! I can say that I have not had any help from the dealer or Forest River. I am now waiting on 4 days for a call back from someone at Forest River. As far as the dealer... They may be a bit more helpful now that my in-laws decided yesterday to stop trying to work out a deal on a 2007 Monaco that has been sitting there for a little while. My father in-law told them flat out to take care of us or he will not purchase another camper from them. They have purchased 4 others from the dealer and had great luck the last 20 years.

    UVW is 6600. Where would I find the size of the axle? I see each axle is rated for 5080lbs? The camper is a 27ft Wildwood BHBSLE. Curb side tires are the worse, both front and rear tires are wearing out on the outside. I feel wearing on the inside of drivers side tires. I have heard some issues with Carlisle tires to, but was told it was an axel issue.

    To add insult to this... I purchased the extended warranty that expired last year!!!

    Thank you so much for your help!!
  4. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Question on trailer axel??

    OK, you have 5,200lb axles. PLENTY of axle for a UVW of 6600. I am surprised they are bent, unless just not installed correctly. The problem is, FR did not build the frame. Probably Lippert, they put the axle brackets in place and all FR did was to bolt axles to them.

    The curb side catches it.....CURBS for one....potholes and other road debris.

    Carlisle tires are crap. That just might be your problem...they are probably at least 4 years old...
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    Re: Question on trailer axel??

    You are lucky it is only the tires that wear. I had the axles separate from the trailer. Again no help form the dealer or Forest River. I also notified the NTSB but they are not intersted either. Reapir shop stated the frame and welds were not made for that heavy a trailer. They cut out a portion of the frame and put in stronger pieces. It cost me a little over $2000,00.

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