questions to ask before taking deliver of new rv

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by fishbreath, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. fishbreath

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    Like to hear questions you should have ask while making final purchase or before signing the bottom line. I'm in Colorado.

    I've already picked out the coach I'll be buying New 2008 Fleet Revolution LE 40R. All responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Joe :question: :question:
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    Re: questions to ask before taking deliver of new rv

    Have the dealer do the walk and tape/video the walk through. Make sure everything works before you make the final payment and drive off the lot. Have them put water in and check ALL faucets and valves including shower and toilet. Leave water pump on throughout the walk though and listen for it running as there might be a leak. Get an electrical meter(plugin type and check every outlet) run the gen and see that everything works. Hookup power and see that everything works. Hook up water and see that shore water works. Check refer furnace AC micro and range hot water. Check all lights. If it does not sound and look correct it most likely is not and the salesmen will LIE. Have them show you how EVERYTHING on the outside works and demonstrate if you think it's a dumb question ask anyway your spend lots of your $$$$$$ and its your right. Have them go through the motor and trans checks plus the gen, how and where to fill water propane and where and how to dump gray black and water for winterizing. Also carry blue painters tape and mark every cabinet or door that does not look or work correctly or any touchup needed. IT should be spotless and new looking(everything). This goes for fit of doors on the outside as well. Also do a search on RV inspection lists.

  3. fishbreath

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    Re: questions to ask before taking deliver of new rv

    Thanks Len, trying right now to get acquainted with my new video camera. more complicated than the MH. All good suggestions. Still could use any other ideas
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    Re: questions to ask before taking deliver of new rv

    one other thing ,, look way back in the cabinets around the bedroom ,, and kitchen ,, and bathroom area ,, what u are looking for is pieces of carpet ,, nails ,, screws ,, and saw dust ,, also ck out all the drawers ,, make sure they work ok ,, but pull them out and look at how they have the slides mounted for them ,, it's an old rv trick ,, they clean the area U can see but not the parts u can;t see ,, and for the drawers ,, they do some really bottom line work to mount them ,, oh they might work now ,, but a few bumps and down the road later ,, they won't open ,, or they fall when pulled out ,, just a few more to add to u'r list ,, sorry ;) :) :approve:
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    Re: questions to ask before taking deliver of new rv

    Also look at the tires and check the DOT date stamp. You say it's a 08, but the tires may be 07 or 06 and they should be replaved around 4-6 years of use.I just replace mine on a 03 Fleet wood, the tires was stamped 02, so you can see I got several years out of mine and they still loooked good when I took them off. Len has made some very good point for you to look at, good luck and happy traveling :laugh:

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