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    If you are looking for someone else to pay your fuel bill for a unique coast-to-coast adventure, you need to read this.

    RAAM is the toughest bike race in the world - from coast to coast non-stop. It attracts competitors from around the world, and it is a fantastic experience combining cross country travel with clean wholesome sport. http://www.raceacrossamerica.org/raam/raamfp.php?N_webcat_id=109

    I am assembling a team of four that will race in June of 2012. Racing non-stop, we will complete the course from Oceanside CA to Annapolis MD in just under a week.

    We will have a crew of 12 supporting the four riders. The crew will work in shifts to man two minivans that alternate following the riders and leap-frogging ahead to place a new rider every thirty minutes.

    The off-crew and riders use an RV as a rolling "mothership" for resting, eating, sleeping, etc. The mothership will cross the US in 6 days, leap-frogging ahead of the on crews to pre-position replacement crews further down the course. It is a demanding, but absolutely thrilling, way to cross the country and be part of a great team effort.

    We are looking for the right pair to join our team as the RV Captain and Driver. In exchange for the their time and use of their RV, we will cover all the fuel costs and their daily food costs associated with the trip. The Captain and Driver would be expected to provide all driving and a reliable RV capable of sleeping 8 while moving. Please note: This is not an adventure for the feint-hearted. Hours will be long, and adrenaline will be high as this is a racing event. Fortunately, the Captain and Driver need know nothing of bicycles or racing; they just need to be expert drivers and navigators willing to work hard as part of a team effort.

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime event with all out-of-pocket expenses covered. If you are interested in putting your RV to work in participating in a great adventure, respond here and we'll get together to discuss more details outside this forum.

    Alex Miller
    Pre-Ride Crew Chief
    Team RAAM World Bicycle Relief
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