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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by sawwood, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. sawwood

    sawwood New Member

    I'm driving a 40' pusher with toad == I have to pick up my wife at Raleigh Durham airport. Any problem getting this rig into and out of that airport? thanks
  2. vanole

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    I would park away unhook toad and pick her up. I go to RDU all the time and would not take the M/H into the terminal area.

  3. sawwood

    sawwood New Member

    Re: raleigh airport

    thanks, Jeff -- will do.
  4. vanole

    vanole Senior Member

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    RDU airport consists of two terminals seperated by an elevated parking garage and and roof top parking on a second parking garage and parking below that. You can pre pay your parking toll prior to exiting the airport by using any of the pre paid parking toll machines in the lobbies of the terminals. I always park on the roof of the parking garage between the terminals (which is also the main level of the larger terminal; or second level of smaller terminal). You can also pay your parking upon exiting the airport if you desire.

    How are you making your approach to the airport???

    Notice you are from Mass. My sister still lives in West Quincy and I originally hail from NH.

  5. keithb

    keithb New Member

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    I just flew out of Raleigh 2 days ago. Have your wife get her bags and go up to the Departing flights area and wait at the curb. Less crowded and you can get in and out with no problem. I do this all the time. No brainer.

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