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    THE WIFE NEED ADVICE, as you may know we are heading out there next year. She is wandering when would be a good time of the year to go. Sheisconcerned about theweather conditions. can any of the more travel RVers give her some suggestions.
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    RE: Rapid City SD

    Hey Hollis!

    We've only been FT in the summers here (near Rapid) for two years so my info is based on what I see and have heard from the locals ... we arrive in June and leave with the geese mid-September. The previous seven summers have been dry and warm/hot (depending on your perspective) on the northern prairie while his year, provided a wet and therefore green look to the prairie. In July and August you can expect a few days to be above 100 degrees at the hotest (none this summer however) though the heat is dry heat, not like back "home" down South. Evenings are pleasant and progressively cooler as you get into September just as they are in early June.

    Wind (we call it breeze) can come off the prairie at any time and can be quite strong at times. You need to be aware and not leave your awning unattended. The "breeze" during the Sturgis Rally (25 miles west & north of Rapid) this year, had me helping replace several awnings and related gear whilst costing the less-than-careful RV renter four figures or so.

    All in all, the area of Rapid City is a good summer location, my favorite thus far. Plenty to do and see in the near-by and good eats and friendly people all round. RV camps, sites and parks are all over the place and all over the price ranges ... you'll find much to enjoy.

    PM or post if you have specific questions .. I'll try to answer.
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    Re: Rapid City SD

    Well GA, destroyed me last year in Mar. I try to be North in the Spring as you know how bad the storms are down South. However, the storms do tend to head North in later spring as the cold meets the warm. I had to hold up in Nebraska for 8 days in late Apr because of weather.

    bottom Line; you just have to decide you are Gung Ho RV'er and try to pick the best times to move. Nobody said RVing wasn't exciting at times. I have have tornado's knocking on the door many times. Fall is the best time to be on the move. generally the weather is good, UNLESS you are on the GUlf Coast in the Fall. :( :eek:
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    Re: Rapid City SD

    For 18 years I lived in Cheyenne, WY and traveled the area just to the south in Nebraska. I regularly traveled to less than 50 miles south of there and while they could have snow as early as October, they usually do not. The typical winter there is very little snow before Thanksgiving. It does get below freezing on some nights as early as the first weeks of October, but fall is a very nice time of the year in that part of the country.

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