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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Grace N, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Grace N

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    Dear Pro RV Folks,

    We are about to buy an rv. I would appreciate your honest opinion, so we can make a good choice.

    We love to travel and planned to buy an rv for years. Should we buy a well maintained10 year old Beaver, or a newer
    mid entry diesel? I am thinking a Beaver. If so, how much should we budget monthly for maintence?
    Thank you!
    Grace N
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    Guest Guest

    RE: Reading and Reading, The Best We Can Do.

    well one thing i must ask ,, and that is ,, how much u budgeted for Maint. ? the diesel is much higher to maintain then a gas unit ,, but u have to also think about where u want to stay ,, if u like the high end resorts like i do ,, then u can figure on spending anywhere from 50 to 100 bucks a night ,, and one other thing ,, if u do buy used ,, i would first off ck the tires and see how old they are ,, that is another expense ,, older than 5 yr's ,, replace them ,, plus u need to have it cked out ,, and make sure everyting works ,, and i mean "EVERYTHING"
    Opps forgot my manners ,,
    Welcome to the forums
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