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    Thank you guys for the kind words. I feel part of the famely. I am sorry to have not logged on. I have been side lined with terible kidney stones. Two months and three proceduresand lot's of pain medication. I have not had any desire to get out of bed or log on. Kidney stones are no joke. We have no idea why my body keeps making this stones. This stuff has caused lot's of strain on my famely and work. I have been to work several days. My last procedure will be on Wednesday. Hopeeverything goes well.My six year old told me today" dad I miss the old days when we played all the time". My wife and kids where planning to take a road trip on mothers day weekend, but it looks like we will just hang out at home.Even now I feel the effects of pain medication. Not able to move or walk much. I just want to sleep and not wake up. The pain is just crazy.

    I haveloved reading your bantering and good advice. Ihave funny stories of our last trip, but it will have to wait.
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    I had my first kidney stone bout Nov of 07. Seemed to be in the hospital ER every weekend that month became one with dilauded for pain. Guess they got tired of seeing me the weekend after Thanksgiving and admitted me. Was in 5 days that go around and deposited a few stones in the bank for them. Seemed all was well they sent me home with strainer in hand. Did fine for a couple of days and then a sand like substance started appearing in the strainer. Two days before XMAS was admitted again this time for 8 days. Finally after producing the mother of all stones and thinking for sure the Eagle had landed they sent me home. Only one small attack since then.

    My stones were of the uric acid variety and kind of fit the mold because I also have gout. Guess most stones are of the calcium variety. Don't think pain distinguishes between them.

    Docs finally concluded that meds they were treating me for Gout (Probenicid) and Blood Pressure (name escapes me) conspired together to make kidney stones. It also kind of fit into the story because the blood pressure med was recently changed to help ease me into taking Immetrex for headaches. Doc ceased the Probenicid and changed the Blood Pressure Meds to Micardis and like I said only one minor attack since then.

    Domingo I know what you are going thru pain wise and would not wish it on any one. Hopes and Prayers towards a speedy recovery.

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    Re: Recovering

    Ouch...I hope you start feeling better NOW!
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    Re: Recovering

    good gracious, I hope I never have a kidney stone, or stones. I do wish you a speedy recovery and I hope by changing your meds you will back on your feet and be able to be with your family more. Good luck
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    Re: Recovering

    So sorry! My ex-son-in-law had those and I know they are definately not fun! Get well soon!
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    You need to get better as soon as possible. The beach weather is coming and you need to come on down south and visit the coast line. I know that kidney stones are horrible. I hope you get better real soon. Let us know your progress. And tell us some of those stories! :laugh:

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