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  1. biker

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    i live in ct and have a friend who lives in florida, how do i go about registering my 5th wheel toy hauler in florida, i do not want to pay the personal proterty tax here in ct, thanks
  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: registration

    The BEST solution is to MOVE to Florida! :clown:

    Doesn't CT have legal residency requirements? Won't you be putting the "savings" in jeopardy if it is found out that your property is actually in CT?

    You'll have to lie for the FL registration, too. Is that OK?
  3. H2H1

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    Re: registration

    NOT SAYING IT IS RIGHT OR CORRECT, BUT IT IS DONE EVERYDAY. We all need a reasonable fee for our tags in all states. :approve: I have actually thought of buy a piece property in Fla just for that reason.I know I will have to pay taxes on the property, but that would be cheaper than what I am paying for my tags now.beside if I do that I pay no state income tax.
  4. LEN

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    Re: registration

    I just don't get it!!!! People live and earn in a state they wish to live in for one reason or the other. They demand services of that state, roads, health care, ect;. Then when it comes time to pay for those services they want to go to another state and leave those left to pick up the bill. Each state gets it funds in different ways but in most cases it balances out. X number of taxes gotten one way or they other. Pay your fare share so I don't have to pick it up. SORRY BUT ITS THE TRUTH.

  5. biker

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    RE: registration

    registered in ct, thanks guys

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