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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by tdphillips, May 28, 2012.

  1. tdphillips

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    We have a 2002 Georgie Boy and it has a good Onan generator that we USE TO start from the inside - either at the switch on the control panel or at the switch by the cab. It WILL start from the switch on IT but not from the remotes. We think it must be a fuse but have no idea how to find the fuse for the remote controls. Any ideas?
  2. Boharris

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    I had the same trouble with my remote in my 1975 Class C. It turned out to be the momentary push button itself. All your remotes should just be in series with the main start of the gen. So you may not have a fuse in the remote starts.

    Do you have a switch for on AND a push button on your remotes? Mine does. I have to have the switch at the gen to stop/off and the remote switch to run, then push the button. Took me forever to find a fuse (It doesn't have one!) Traced all the wiring. I finally jumped the push button post and it started. $0.84 and vrrrooooom.
  3. ejdixon

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    It could be that the connection for the remote start/stop came loose. Check to make sure that it is plugged properly. Another reason could be that the wiring has become faulty. Try checking that as well. It might need to be replaced.

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