Renting out your Motorhome?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Travaholic, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Travaholic

    Travaholic Junior Member

    First of all hello from a new member and I hope to find some answers from YOU the existing RV Talk members.

    This is a long shot but hey if you don't try you'll never know.

    My good lady and myself would dearly love to travel the USA in a Motorhome later in the year and I have been researching our options. Originally I had intended to ship over my Camper-van (Converted Fiat Ducato Van) but I have found out that there are no Fiat dealers in the USA and that Diesel is quite a rare thing as well. Renting is an option but the high cost and uncertainty about overshooting the allocated mileage is a real show-stopper. Another option is buying with a company that offers guaranteed buy-back at the end of the trip but any repair costs are down to me including worn tyres.

    Hence my question to you folks............Do any of you ever rent out your Motorhomes during your off-season?

    Basically we would like to tour some of western USA for about 2 months starting mid September and I imagine we would cover about 6k miles. Ideally the starting point would be within easy reach of Los Angeles. We are experienced in Camper-van life and I do have a drivers license that covers Lorries (Big Truck). :confused:

    So what do you say?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Most all of us that own rvs being a TT ,, 5er or MH ,, treat them like our house ,, most on here would never rent out our "house on wheels" ,, there is alot that goes into that ,, like the up keep of it on the road ,, and above all ,, who is gonna pay if it gets in an accident or worse ,, it is complety lossed due to fire or mother nature ,, we as rvers will take that if it comes ,, but then agian we are the ones that own it ,, but not trying to be harsh to u ,, just saying what i think alot of rvers feel about renting out .. JMO :)
    Btw welcome to the forums
  3. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    NEVER WOULD I RENT MINE OUT. I worked to hard to get it, let someone else use it. but that just me.That is my home on wheels, ready to go when I am.
  4. erniee

    erniee Member

    There are Fiat dealers all over. I have 300 gallon diesel tank and that is located everywhere. I think you need to do some more research then stating what you did.
  5. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    No off season for us but if I did No way would I rent out. I have heard of this being done but would think it would be better to rent from a rental co. Diesel fuel is no problem getting here but it is the new low sulpher fuel so dont know if your Fiat is set up for it. Probably some addative you could put in. There are shops that could do repairs but may be hard to find in some places. Good luck
  6. returnofsid

    returnofsid Junior Member

    After a lot of consideration, my girlfriend and I actually be renting out our TT, two times in the next month. HOWEVER, it will not be towed by anyone. I will be "delivering" it to the site, setting it up and picking it up, afterwards. Each site is about 10 miles from my home. I'll report back, with my experience, afterwards.
  7. KarenS144

    KarenS144 Member

    I have to agree with the others about renting our moho. NO WAY! There are just too many things that could go wrong and I'd think the insurance hassles would be a nightmare if there were claims.

    returnofsid> You may have found a real niche there with your idea of delivering & picking up a TT to & from a campground. Keep us updated!
  8. erniee

    erniee Member

    renting out a travel trailer is way different then renting out your motorhome.
  9. Travaholic

    Travaholic Junior Member

    Many thanks for the replies. Looked at all the suggestions but in the end, not least because of cost and peace of mind, we've opted to rent. Have now booked a type C out of L.A. mid September. Not cheap but worth the expense for the chance of visiting your lovely country.

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