Replacement for dim reading lights in back of RT

Discussion in 'Class B Motorhomes' started by roadtrekfred, Jul 22, 2005.

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    Got a RT 190P (2004/2005) about a month ago. Took it out for the first
    shake down cruise last weekend. Everything worked great.

    The fresh water stopped -
    but I read about another post to switch the valve from ext to int and
    it worked fine.

    We like to read before going to sleep. The little black lights in the
    back are too dim. We like the ability to have only one on while the
    other is off (so that I can snoze while my partner reads.)

    Has anyone changed out these lights for brighter ones? Is it easy to
    do? It looks like LED lights are bright Any electrical problems with
    replacement lights?


  2. hertig

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    Replacement for dim reading lights in back of RT

    It should be easy (at least electrically) to change them. Just detach them from where they are mounted, check that they are 12 volts DC, then replace them with anything you like, which will fit and are also 12 volts DC. The hardest part may be mounting them. Electrically, just make sure you make a secure connections (Crimp fittings and/or solder; wire nuts may work but I'd worry about the vibration loosing them) and get the polarity right. On incandescent lights it may not matter, but LED lights could be a different story.

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