Replacing carpet, need help

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by JoeNC, Aug 13, 2011.

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    I took on the arduous task of replacing the carpet in our RV (99' Holiday Rambler, 32' A). The carpet was old, worn and just wouldn't look "clean" no matter how much we tried. On the spur of the moment, without a clear plan in sight (isn't that how all guys really do things?) I decided to rip out the bench seating and replace the carpet with a vinyl wood grain tile (looks very nice, IMHO). So far, it's really gone without a hitch - except for the seatbelt bolts (eesh!) and the 9 trillion tacks the installers used when there was nothing in the shell except air.

    Anyway, the point of my question is, I'm up to the entry steps (so far, no rotted wood, thank God) and I'm wondering what yall think about what to do in that area. The tiles are 7mil, with a 10 year warranty, but probably wouldn't hold up for that long as stair treads.

    I suppose I have a couple options -
    1) install the tile and replace it when it gets really worn.
    2) install carpet back on the steps
    3) ask for advice from someone who's got experience - or at least ideas on what would work best.

    The bottom step is a no-slip black surface - and is holding up great.

    What do you think would be best on the next step, and sides? I've attached a picture of what I'm working with, angles and such.
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    Re: Replacing carpet, need help

    Hi Joe and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. Sorry it took so long to get to your question. If you can get everyone to take their shoes off outside, or while standing on the first step with the black, no-slip surface, then go with carpet. But if you have a bunch of folks (kids) running in and out all day long, go with the tile and just keep some extra on hand to replace it when it gets worn.

    Again, welcome to the forum and I apologize for not getting you an answer sooner. :eek: :eek: :) :)
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    Hi Joe,

    Would you send me the picture to I don't see yours in the post. My 2000 Sunline travel trailer had issues with parts of the floor being rotted so I pulled all the carpet, replaced the OSB board with plywood tacked in some cheap vinyl flooring and finished it off by putting down the peel and stick 12 X 12 vinyl tiles. The peel and sticks adhere really well to the vinyl and they really don't move that much even though I get the bad weather swings here in CT. For stairs, I would add contact cement to any vertical areas like the "kickers". I'm not sure if that helps or not but it is an idea.

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    I am not a "hardcore" RV'er but rather more of a leisurely venturer. However, a buddy of mind picked up an older RV and did a complete remodel of the inside. He actually did it all pretty inexpensively as well. He is a jack of all trades. One thing he did do was rip up the very worn out carpet and that reveal some nasty stains underneath. He ended up laying down some laminate flooring and that alone changed the look of the inside. Of course this was just one option when considering adding different floors to your home. The kitchen was updated as well as the furniture. I have asked him to borrow it but he uses it every weekend with his family. I may need to get my own project RV soon.
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    I hope you have some pictures you can post here in the album area

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